The once-in-a-life-time seminar: What should economists learn from the Australian response to the Covid threat? 

16:15-17:15, Friday, May 26, 2023

212, Boxue Building, DUFE

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Bob Gregory began his career in economics at University of Melbourne graduating with a B.Com. with 1st class Honours in Economics in 1961. In 1967 he received his PhD from the London School of Economics. He commenced at the Department of Economics at the Research School of Social Sciences at ANU in 1969, was made a Professor in 1981, and has been Head of Department since 1987.

Professor Gregory has made major contributions to the development of economic policy in Australia. From 1985-95 he was a member of the Board of the Reserve Bank of Australia, and from 1986-91 he was a member of the Australian Sciences and Technology Council.

Professor Gregory is an elected Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences (1979), and has been nominated the Economic Society of Australia Distinguished Fellow (2001). In 1983-84 he held the Chair in Australian Studies at Harvard University. In 1996 Professor Gregory was awarded the Order of Australia Medal.

Outside of his time at ANU, Professor Gregory has also held positions as Visiting Professor at Northwestern University and University of Chicago, as a Visiting Scholar at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington D.C., and at the Industries Assistance Commission. He has been President of the Economic Society of Australia (1997-99), and Editor of the Economic Record, the leading Australian economics journal, as well as serving on Editorial Boards of numerous international journals.

The Australian response to Covid involved the largest change in government interventions in the private economy since World War II. In early response planning, it was anticipated that the largest labour market intervention alone could possibly divert around 40 per cent or more of the private sector wage bill onto the "government payroll" for a period of up to six months. This discussion begins to "pull together" what economists have learnt to date from the macro and micro impacts of the suite of Australian government interventions. 

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