Flexibility and Information

10:00-11:30, Friday, October, 14, 2022

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Dr. Mark Whitmeyer is now an assistant professor in the Department of Economics, of Arizona State University. He earned his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Texas-Austin at 2020. His research interests include information economics and game theorey. He has his paper published in the Journal of Political Economy, the annals of Finance and the Journal of Mathematical Economics.

We study the effect of increased flexibility–increasing the number of actions available to an agent by one–on the agent’s value for information. We find that increased flexibility always makes information more valuable if and only if the new action is extremal. This condition is also necessary and sufficient for the agent to not acquire less information as flexibility increases, when information is endogenously acquired by the agent. We apply this finding to a monopolistic screening problem in which the good is information.

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