Yutao SUN Associate Professor Email: yutao.sun@dufe.edu.cn Office: Room I-220, Boxue Building Office Hour: TBD CV: Yutao_SUN
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  • Dr. Yutao SUN is an associate professor of Economics at Dongbei University of Finance and Economics. His research focuses on econometric theory: panel data, network data, maximum likelihood models, quantile regressions, large-sample theory (JEL: C31, C33). He worked as a postdoc researcher in Erasmus University Rotterdam before joining IAER.

    Dr. Sun is eligible to take PhD students. Students who apply to a PhD program with him are expected to meet the following criteria.

    i) Have a solid background in statistics and/or econometrics (in the directions of asymptotic statistics, empirical process, and/or other theoretical econometric sub fields).

    ii) Have good programming skills (in languages of Matlab, Stata/Mata, and/or others) and good general computer skills.

    iii) Have good English skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking).