20200612062011.jpgDr. Feng DONG is an Associate Professor of Economics. He obtained B.A. in Management (2006) in Renmin University of China, M.A. in Economics (2009) at China Center for Economic Research (CCER) in Peking University, and Ph.D. in Economics (2014) in Washington University in St. Louis. His main research area includes macroeconomics, monetary economics, economic networks and Chinese economy. He has published articles in Journal of Monetary Economics and Economic Theory.

There are six lectures in total. Each lecture lasts three hours with one or two short break.

1. Financial Frictions and Asset Bubbles in OLG Models

    09:00-12:00, August 8, 2019

2. Asset Bubbles in Infinite-Horizon I (Firms/Banking)

    13:30-16:30, August 8, 2019

3. Asset Bubbles in Infinite-Horizon II (Households)

    09:00-12:00, August 9, 2019

4. Asset Bubbles and Monetary Policy

    13:30-16:30, August 9, 2019

5. Asset Bubbles and Fiscal Policy

    09:00-12:00, August 10, 2019

6. Financial Crises and Macro-Prudential Policy

    13:30-16:30, August 10, 2019

Classroom: I-206, Boxue Building, DUFE